Winelo – Advanced wanelo clone script

One more excellent ecommerce script from the team of Fantacy - a perfect fancy clone.


Simple, flexible, and innovative! Bring an unique presence to the products that you and your visitors have affiliate links.

  • BookMarklet

    We making it so easy to share the products from any website to this script. It scans your affiliate website pages and add them...

  • Stories

    Allows your user to post their story about the group of products they are mad at. It will makes your website more social friendly.

  • Top Stores

    Finding the top stores in winelo script is easy for your visitors. Top stores are found based on the social likes and follows..

  • Social Media Friendly

    Social network is integrated seamlessly and comprehensively . Users can sign up & share using facebook, G+, or Twitter.

  • Top People

    Your users can find the popular people over there in your website based on followers count along with their amazing product shares.

  • Just Added

    Let your users know what is recently added your website to make your users to see the updates and keep them connected.

  • Tag & Save

    Anyone can tag a product with their friends and family. They can also save the products to whishlist and buy it later.

  • Hot Products

    The most popular products on winelo is listed out separately to attract the customers and to see what is the trending hot products.

  • Notifications

    Advanced notifications keeps the customers and their friends connected closely with their activities on winelo

  • News feeds

    Customised news feeds for all the users let them update their status and share their fashion with their friends and followers

  • Multilingual

    Winelo supports multiple languages which can be modified easily and the user can choose the preferred language

  • Paypal Adaptive

    Winelo supports easy auto commission split ups using advanced paypal adaptive payment system

  • Hast Tags

    Hash tags are allowed in comments to make any products or stories to be collective and make a trend in Winelo

  • @Users

    Mentioning someone on comments is easy on winelo by using the @Users with suggested user list on the fly

  • Collections

    Customers can collect the products they like into different list of collections and the same can be managed under the profile.

  • My Orders & Sales

    Buyers and sellers can easily monitor and manage their sales and buying activities easily at the greatest convenient

How it Works?

It’s quite easy to use Winelo in multiple perspective. As a owner of this script, you decide how winelo should work for you. You can make earning by just allowing multiple sellers or retailer to add their products. As admin, you can add your own products that are ready for sales. In case if you don’t have such options, still winelo can be a super affiliate portal to promote and monetise your affiliate products.

  • Being a administrator…

    As an administrator you can add your affiliate product list and also you can add your own product for selling. Also as a multi vendor ecommerce script you can allow your sellers also to add product for selling and make commission out of it.

  • Being a affiliate user…

    Create a memember signup and start adding your products from your favorite website and get them notified by millions of people, make a story and create a hype, start counting the sales from your account and start earning.

Learn More About Our Products

wanelo clone with shopping cart

Shopping cart

Winelo as a multi vendor market place, it supports adding multiple sellers to the system. The sellers can add products for sale with discounts and coupons. The items added by the sellers comes with the “add to cart” which helps the customer to keep customised cart options. It allows them review the orders and make the payment. Paypal adaptive payment makes easiest way for admin to split the commissions automatically.

Multiple Currencies

Every eCommerce software needs more than one currency to support different regions around the world. Since we are using Paypal as a primary payment gateway and the same supports more than 12 currencies we have integrated all these currencies into winelo. Any one currency will be the default one for the entire system and based on that the conversation will be managed. So Just add the currency and manage the conversions.

wanelo clone with native apps

Winelo – Android App

Every eCommerce website builders realised that mobile apps are the next generation feature that every ecommerce script should have. We understand the same and we made it very easy for you. We have developed a native android application which helps your customer to browse and buy the products, manage the cart, add product or story and with more interesting stuffs.

wanelo clone with native apps

Winelo – iPhone App

Winelo script comes with an native iPhone application. It supports all the major features of winelo. You can browse the product, buy them, make a whishlist from the products, manage your profile, manage your sales and orders, add product and more.



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100% Source code
No mobile apps
Free installation
3 Months free support
3 Months free update
Single license
No upgrade with apps
$799 For Small Businesses
100% Source code
No mobile apps
Free installation
6 Months free support
6 Months free update
Single license
Upgrade with apps
100% Source code
Include mobile apps
Free installation
1 Year free support
1 Year free update
Multiple domain license
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